Encapsulated drill cuttings treated to 0,3 percent ROC

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Drill cuttings treatment (R&D)

Norwegian Technology developed a new patented treatment method for drill cuttings or solid waste. The new solid waste handling systems is designed with OSPARS requirements as a standard. Based on the laboratory work and theoretical calculations, the technologies serve great potential of being the best available technology for cuttings treatment offshore.

The technology offers:

  • Innovations in effective and well proven technology for treatment of drill cuttings


  • Small footprint, and low weight


  • The potential of significantly reduced energy consumption compared to current BAT


  • Homogeneous heat distribution


  • Non-contact and robust heating


  • Clean and green


  • Low Maintenance


  • Encapsulating drill cuttings

We are currently designing a pilot unit that aims to treat 2t/h. To build the unit, we are looking for joint industry partners for funding. Please contact us if you are interested in a collaboration to develop the new standard within solid treatment.