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Water treatment unit (WTU)

The water treatment unit is designed to handle various of water waste. When applied in the Golden standard treatment solution, slop water, brine unsuited for recovery and water from the cuttings treatment will efficiently be treated to below 30 ppm. Less than 1 ppm can also be achieved.

The WTU is very versatile due to its robustness, very small footprint and weigh, easy to operate and high treatment capacity. The unit have minimum moving parts and are fully automated. These characteristics allow for many areas of application. Some suited areas of application are mentioned below.

  • Produced water


  • Fracking water treatment for reuse


  • Slop/mud water


  • Brine/completion fluid for reuse


  • Tar / Bitumen sands


  • Refinery wastewater


  • Closed drain and wash water